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Why should you talk to Aboveline?

The team at Aboveline is ready and willing to put their expert knowledge into practice. As an ESSA member, with over 30 years experience in creating brilliant 3D marketing; from exhibition stands to roadshows, showrooms and experiential displays, Aboveline is truly a partner you can count on. The continued success can be rightfully attributed to the people, who design and create amazing things on a daily basis. The whole team contribute to the smooth running of the business, and the phenomenal service delivered to the clients.

From left to right

Oliver Hambleton, Christine Noblett


The first point of contact for any project enquiry. The marketing team also assures the Aboveline brand is respected and admired.


Turn brilliant ideas into dynamic, practical and fit for purpose designs.

From top to bottom

Adam Farrall, Mike Thompson, Giles Fisher

From left to right

Tim Hartin, Georgie Bates, Lou Davies


Ensure the design is delivered on time and within budget, no matter how challenging the undertaking they make it happen.


Manage the process from a well-defined project plan to the beginning of the build, co-ordinating between the office and workshop.

From left to right

Leon Smith, Scott Cochrane

In the box from left to right

Pat Procter, Dan Saner, Kris Hardy, Simon Davenport, Scott Cochrane, Dan Smith


Bring dynamic design to life, from pre-build, to onsite, management, dismantling and storage.


Co-ordinate financial management and accounting, from clients to suppliers.

From left to right

Alice Lucas, Victoria Hollinshead