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NHS Confederation

We’ve recently completed Confed17 – each year this show brings the health and social care sector together to discuss and examine their most pressing issues. This year more than 1,000 senior leaders came together to [...]

Get Inspired

Here at Aboveline we are a design centred business, with a wealth of creative talent. To keep the creativity flowing, we have installed an ‘Inspiration Wall’. The purpose of the wall, is as it sounds, [...]

It’s all about the people!

Aboveline considers its key strength to be its people and commits as much time as it can to a busy Social Calendar! June was no exception. The “Aboveline Gravity Racer” took centre stage at the [...]

Bodypower 2017!

We have recently completed BodyPower 2017 - the biggest indoor fitness expo in the world. A huge event, covering 6 halls and attracting 95,953 visitors! The event attracts a range of those interested in fitness, [...]

Website Re-Launch!

We are excited to announce that our refreshed and updated website is now live! The updated site includes changes to layout, design and content and is now optimised for both mobile and desktop versions. This [...]