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International Exhibitions

Five top tips for International exhibiting

1. Research different marketing tactics in the host country
2. Design your stand for good visual impact considering local taste differences
3. Appoint a stand manager to help visitors in different languages
4. Create marketing materials in the native language
5. Partner with a good local representative for help and support

Trade shows, conferences, events and exhibitions are perfect environments to meet people in your industry to market your business face to face. An exhibition provides you with the opportunity to interact and talk to everybody, taking time to learn about their business. Taking your business overseas can be daunting and any number of challenges will need to be faced. Each International market poses its own unique set of commercial and practical questions and in return offers any number of commercial benefits. If an exhibition is successfully planned and delivered, particularly if venturing into a new overseas market space, the rewards in terms of sales leads and brand recognition can be significant. With over 30 years experience working at all the major international exhibition venues throughout Europe and North America Aboveline knows how to deliver such projects and work with the challenges that each culture and country presents.